Automatisation services for local and regional authorities, regulatory bodies

Automate controls and investigations. Monitor your grant recipients. Compliance with regulations. Automatically detect fraud, corruption and money laundering.

Manage your accounting

control with Kantik

An anti-fraud solution
from Kantik

Automated tests

No configuration required! Obtain the results in just one click with our pre-configured tests!

Monitor your grant recipients.

Implement extensively monitoring procedures for funded or related organizations

Automatically detect fraud, money laundering and corruption

Access the results of tests, which help to identify accounting entries that have a high risk of errors or anomalies

A simple solution

Our series of pre-configured tests will help you assess the level of compliance and identify any associated anomalies quickly and efficiently.

Stay in compliance with accounting standards

Software that keeps you compliant and meets ever-changing regulatory requirements

Digitise your control processes

Transform a time-consuming, manual task into an automated process. Deploy an anti-corruption system

Kantik, the number one solution for detecting

accounting fraud.


User-friendly and requires no configurations.

Direct access

A SaaS software that can be easily accessed with just two clicks.


Ensures full tax compliance.


A software providing permanent evolutions/growth/development.


A unique technological capacity to handle all situations.


We use the highest form of computer security standards.

The automation of your accounting control

within one software

Simplify your accounting

Unlimited users
Software as a Service (SaaS)
User-friendly and easy to use
Immediate implementation
Solution that can be used independently
Pre-configured tests that can be launched in 2 clicks
Ability to handle large volumes of data
Possibility to manage accounting controls
Possibility to add new controls
Ability to integrate new data sources
Information system security
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