About Us

Kantik is a Regtech and Fintech player which aims at digitalising Risk & Compliance practices.

We work with forward-thinking companies around the world.


Our passion: data and AI at the service of compliance and risk management

Kantik is a digital and innovative plug & play platform designed by the Fintech and RegTech sector addressing the challenges of the market and based on the digitalisation of metrics, of compliance processes and digitalisation of compliance processes, automation of risk detection and alerts.

Kantik brings a unique value proposition to the market with its first module developed to identify financial accounting anomalies and enable fraud detection, based on real-time, 24/7 access to interactive and intuitive dashboards, as well as comprehensive automated compliance and scoring tests.

With such uniqueness and a differentiated value proposition, Inferensia and its platform Kantik, owing to its technological capabilities built around AI and Data, is positioning itself as a disruptive force in the market by offering an automated solution for continuous monitoring. Fraud detection is Kantik's first commercialised module. Other modules will soon be launched, such as ESG and third party assessment.

Our team

Izem Feknous

Founder and CEO

Clément Guillot

Chief Technical Officer

Régis Ogier

Chief Product Officer

Céline Chartier

Project Manager – CSR

Emmanuelle Pierre

Project Manager - CSR and Third Party Evaluation

Henri Favier

Chief Business and Partnerships Officer

Ready to digitalise your internal audit processes and detect accounting anomalies in real time?