Automated fraud and accounting anomaly detection


Fraud and
accounting anomaly detection

Software ready to use immediately

Kantik is a plug & play solution for the Fintech and RegTech sector inspired by market challenges and built on the digitization of metrics, the digitization of compliance processes and internal controls, automatic risk detection and assessment 

Automated tests and continuous monitoring

Kantik provides a unique value proposition by enabling automated monitoring of financial data and automatic alerting processes. Real-time and 24/7 access to interactive and intuitive dashboards allows you to monitor and analyse the results.

AI, a key tool for compliance

Kantik's algorithms are based on technologies such as AI or Machine Learning and advanced data expertise enabling massive data analysis resulting in continuous and scalable monitoring of financial and operational data.

Our clients


Kantik, software that meets Sapin II requirements

Fraud & accounting anomaly detection

Automate internal control and ensure compliance

Risks evaluation

Risk monitoring

Implementation of an anti-corruption strategy

Provide operational support


We automate compliance processes

Kantik permet d’automatiser le contrôle interne comptable et de détecter automatiquement les anomalies comptables et les risques de fraudes éventuels. Le logiciel Kantik répond aux enjeux réglementaires en analysant l’exhaustivité des données financières de l’ensemble de vos filiales, permettant ainsi de se mettre en conformité au regard des obligations règlementaires (Sapin II, UK Bribery Act, FCPA, brigade de contrôle fiscal informatisé DGFIP).