Fraud detection software

Kantik's Plug & Play Fraud Detection solution allows you to implement an internal control system that prevents and detects accounting anomalies in real time thanks to its automatic analysis of your financial data.


Accounting internal control software:
achieving compliance

Our Fraud detection solution automates the analysis of millions of entries on a continuous basis and provides real-time 24/7 transaction monitoring. Results are immediately available through dynamic dashboards.

Continuous internal control

40 customisable and configurable tests

Risks evaluation

How does it work?

Step 1

Easily import your data: accounting compliance and reporting, balance, PCG (General Accounting Plan)
FEC, balance, PCG

Your data is integrated into the platform in one click either manually, in batch or through an API.

Step 2

Automatic data extraction

Thanks to our technology, tests are automated and can be run at will. You are free to choose the tests to be carried out, their weighting and parameter setting.

Step 3

Accounting compliance and reporting

In just a couple of minutes, you will obtain the results of the data integrity tests and the statistical and descriptive analysis of the accounting records, with the percentage of automated entries for each journal and the classification of the entries in terms of their value and amount by date, user and account. This process will allow you to validate the conformity of the accounting entries file.

Step 4

Screening of accounting entries

You will have an overview of the aggregated and summarised results of the scoring tests used to identify entries with a high risk of error or fraud by means of an anomaly map.


Compliance of the Kantik platform with the GDPR.

Encryption of data in transit and in storage: both the TLS and AES-256 technologies protect your data.

Servers located in France and in the EU, in ISO 27001, ISO 50001, CIPSE and Tier III certified data centres.

Ready to digitalise your internal audit processes and detect accounting anomalies in real time?