The importance of a sovereign cloud for financial data protection

In all sectors of industry, whether it is the public sector, education, health, or finance, the use of the cloud is essential and important for the growth and sustainability of our economy. With the explosion of the cloud in recent years, many issues have arisen particularly around the questions of viability, security and integrity of our financial data.

State-of-the-art technology for the cloud and financial data

Nowadays, technological advancements allow companies across multiple sectors to store large amounts of financial data in cloud infrastructures, this is a notable process within the French banking sector. However, we note that much of this data is now hosted by US-based cloud service providers. This presents high risks in terms of compliance, privacy, and above all, sovereignty. A sovereign cloud for financial data, while offering many opportunities, faces many challenges. One of the key conditions for progress is digital sovereignty. More specifically a sovereign cloud, a deployment model in which the hosting and all the processing conducted on data are carried out within the limits of the national territory and governed by an entity under French laws and standards.

In recent years, global technology progression has triggered the creation of the French “Trusted Cloud” accompanied by several challenges. Some of them are to ensure security against cyber-attacks and the protection or control of data hosted in France in the fight against extraterritoriality.

The challenges of the sovereign cloud and the importance of independent clouds

Within Europe, particularly in France, the protection of sensitive data is an absolute priority. As a result, many sectors are now facing significant challenges and as such, sovereign clouds are key to Europe’s digital success and the protection of financial data. Once installed, the availability of a sovereign cloud can significantly accelerate the implementation of many digital initiatives by removing compliance issues.

A sovereign cloud provides continuous protection and secure access control to guide new opportunities for national value and growth. It is essential to protect and control sensitive or restricted data with the data localization and sovereignty that a sovereign cloud offers. For example, they ensure compliance with evolving data privacy laws.

To meet these challenges, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your data is only subject to the jurisdiction and authority of the nation state or international federation. Therefore, it is necessary to run sensitive and structured workloads in a secure national cloud that meets the requirements of national data sovereignty. The security of your data and assets is at stake. But which platform to choose and who to trust when it comes to future-proofing and protecting your information?

To facilitate these implementations and transactions, companies such as Scaleway offer different ecosystems of products and services that cover a range of hosting needs and secure and standardized services. Their cloud solutions allow businesses to take advantage of digital services that simplify daily lives and transactions. However, once you have chosen a sovereign cloud, how can you ensure transparency and sustainability for your financial data?

Kantik, the reference platform for protecting your financial information.

Through Kantik, all your data is stored on servers in France managed by Scaleway. To meet the challenges of the autonomous cloud and data protection, we have created an innovative plug-and-play platform for companies subject to accounting anomaly detection obligations (such as Sapin 2, SOX, UKBA, FCPA) allowing the digitalization and automation of the monitoring of all accounting data. With this unique and differentiated value proposition, Inferensia and the Kantik platform transform the market by providing continuous automation and fraud solutions through their technological capabilities and advances in artificial intelligence and data.

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